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100 Churches engaged in Multiplication in 2018

  • Participant
  • Partner
  • Parent

10 new planters or re-planters developed in the Greater Charleston area for the Greater Charleston area in 2018.

  • Summer Experiences, Internships, Residencies, Incubators
  • 2018 campaign for funding, housing and selecting new residents – stay tuned.

Becoming a Multiplying Church

  • Assessment – How can we assess where we are and next steps to becoming a multiplying church? Online tools and events coming soon.
  • Cypress Immersion – A 6 or 9-hour immersion for your core leaders and/or church into the four principles of Movement, Kingdom, Harvest, Disciple that are needed in the operating system of a multiplying church.
  • Be a Host: Summer Experiences, Internships, Residencies, Incubators